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Is your company prepared to not only react to crises that occur but also be proactive to avoid travel disruptions that could impact your business?Companies have a business imperative as well as a moral and legal responsibility to protect their traveling employees. HnA provides a complete range of services, in affordable packages for smaller volume clients, to help companies of all sizes provide comprehensive safety & security services that meet their specific needs.


Your travelers are some of your organization’s most valuable assets. With HnA, they are free to focus on the business reason they are traveling, not on travel mechanics. We make their travel reservations quick and easy with experienced, professional travel counselors and full support to modify reservation anytime, anywhere. We provide security, health, and weather-related information about traveler destination before and during their travel.

Why partner with Us?




We have experienced and dedicated team and an account manager for each corporate account with extensive experience in all aspects of corporate travel management. Each team has tons of experience on all business travel destinations and supplier negotiations backed by advance technology. More-over we have regional experts to assist these teams better. Whether it is a query on commute to business location or a need for trusted reviews about properties, our team will be first to revert.

Whether it’s a last moment meeting with clients or delay in flight or something much more worse we know how to get you out of harm way and you will be, where you need to be. We work across all time zones to support travelers and travel desks. Our experienced operational support handle every detail for you, from late arrivals to early departures from navigation support to arranging for pick-up or drop-off.

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We know how to make business travel as painless as possible, so you can focus less on how you get there and do more on what matter most, BUSINESS ! We perform prior to check-in and prior to check-out calls to ensure hassle free check-in and check-out.

Businesses have long realized that focusing on core competencies is the key to reducing operational costs, delivering value and gaining a competitive advantage. As your travel outsourcing partner, we take your non-core business processes and turn them into profit-enhancing opportunities for you, while freeing your resources to focus on core competencies.




More Cost


With HnA you gain visibility into the company’s global travel spend and control costs by reducing unnecessary agent calls and out-of-policy bookings, all while better serving its business travelers. It’s the reason customers from consulting, BPO, technology, pharmaceutical, professional services, and many more trust us to get it right.

HnA’s strength for getting best rate is its strong partnership with suppliers. With major tie- ups with the top chain of hotels & apartments we focus on getting best at cheapest.






Travel managers experience greater pressure to reduce costs and look new ways to achieve saving. HnA provides guaranteed savings over 15% through contracting / property-level negotiation with suppliers; without downgrading hotel spends, compromising travelers satisfaction and productivity.

With end to end partnership, we champion your brand and deliver a return on investment that you will see from your bottom line to the boardroom. You want real savings you can see. Working side-by-side as partners, we will show you precisely where you can discover cost-savings get the most value. It starts with a review of your current approach for organizing meetings. We will help you design and implement a meetings policy. We offer best-practice for venue sourcing, travel booking and other logistics. We pinpoint ways to negotiate improved service levels and preferential rates with suppliers. The end result is a standardized process that’s in line with your business objectives. One you can then activate throughout your company with proven change management processes to save more, improve compliance and reduce risk.




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