What are the benefits of Corporate Housing?

Corporate Housing is one of the important elements that the today’s organizations are adapting rap [...]
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How Corporate Residences are different from Hotels?

Corporate housing is more like a radio signal. You cannot see them daily on naked eye. But they sign [...]
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Travel Apps Vs. Corporate Housing – What you need to understand?

In the world of hotel stays and accommodation, the corporate housing is booming. There are so many t [...]
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Make your business travel a comfortable affair

Arranging a business trip is always full of hassles – from booking tickets, doing an advanced sear [...]
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An increasing trend in frequent business travels and long corporate stays

Expanding the business has become an established norm irrespective of the business genres. Almost al [...]
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Why is arranging a good Trip & Accommodation important for your employees?

As the quote goes, “take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers”, our [...]
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Serviced Apartments – A Comfort Oasis for Long Corporate Stays

With India becoming a successful business hub, corporate travels are in the heyday of its times. It [...]
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