An increasing trend in frequent business travels and long corporate stays

An increasing trend in frequent business travels and long corporate stays

Expanding the business has become an established norm irrespective of the business genres. Almost all companies want to cut deals and spread their business nationally and internationally. This is how corporate trips gained grounds:

  • Business travel is taken for meeting the clients, customers or suppliers, other branch offices, enhancing the relationship with clients, marketing and promoting of new product/service, project evaluation in the site.
  • Going in person or sending employees on behalf of the company gives positive results in terms of productivity.
  • Also, in-person meeting establishes the credibility of the company and give ways to quicker closing of the deals.

With increasing corporate stays, there is a huge need for long and short corporate stays.

The need for travel experts:

When the much-needed presence of an employee to represent the company faraway prevails, long corporate stays comes in picture. Whether it is a corporate journey, short stay or an extended corporate stay, companies lie in dilemma in setting up a comfortable trip and stay experience.

According to a recent statistic, 55% of global travellers report being more determined to make sustainable travel choices, but barriers include a lack of knowledge and availability of appealing options. This instability consumes a lot of time in search and research.

According to a Facebook IQ, 51% of the travellers said that once they decided to go on a trip, they would spend less than one-week in conducting research.

Imagine every time an employee sets on a business trip to a various unknown location, a lot of time is wasted in research time. In business, time is money and it can be saved easily. Do not spill your time and opt for wise, readymade travel services.

Travel and Accommodation Industry In India:

In the US, UK and other European countries, the corporate travel and accommodation industry is an evolved one. In India, it is still new but has gained steam in the recent few years. More awareness and sensibility have come to handover the responsibility of employees’ travel and stay on the whole for the following reasons:

Clear merits:

  • This niche specialized experts bestow you with the right and best choices to select. You just need to pick the best of the best from the well-analyzed travel and accommodation options.
  • This way of getting arranged through mediator results in better and reasonable prices for travel, accommodation, food and local transportation saving businesses a lot of money.
    Spending the dime and time unnecessarily are greatly avoided. So, sensing these benefits, many companies are getting into this mediating realm with top-notch lists.

Hotel N Apartment:

  • Ultra-premium to moderate accommodation options (Both hotels and serviced apartments) at reasonable rates.
  • A curated list of living spaces that have environments and needs aligned to your requirements.
  • Region-specific stay guidelines and information
  • 24/7 helpdesk to assist your employees with any queries or contingencies that might arise during global stays.
  • Dedicated Account Manager / SPOC to co-ordinate, monitor and assist in ensuring smooth operations

Whether it is a few days or a few months, we have got your back. Let your business trips be more sophisticated, easy and stress-free with Hotel n Apartment.

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