Serviced Apartments – A Comfort Oasis for Long Corporate Stays

Serviced Apartments – A Comfort Oasis for Long Corporate Stays

With India becoming a successful business hub, corporate travels are in the heyday of its times. It is an inevitable source of business expansion and establishment. With its surge, business accommodation industry has also evolved and is in line with the needs of the residents. When corporate stays are extended, the most preferred option of stay is Serviced Apartment.

Reports say that 88% of the companies use service apartments for Extended Business Stays. You may ask why one should choose Serviced Apartments over Hotels. Hotels are luxurious with all the comforting amenities. They are the perfect abode for a few days stay. But when it comes to tariffs, hotels become pricy for long stays as compared to serviced apartments. With hefty charges on stay, it’s sure going to break your bank. Along with tariff, it’s also the food that you consume every day. If your business stays spans for months, then the accommodation should not be just a place to hit the bed, but comfortable space to live and sustain in another country. This is where Serviced Apartments come to the rescue. Serviced apartments have become the comfort oasis for long-term corporate travellers giving them home comfort as well as corporate sophistication even in the spacestarved cities.

What Are Service Apartments?

Serviced Apartments are the typically extended accommodation spaces which are meant to give home-like facilities. It is like the extended version of a hotel but with more rooms, kitchen, Wi-Fi amounting to give the ultimate ‘home away from home’ experience. Most serviced apartments are occupied by corporate whereas it is also open to the general public who are on a family vacation or any other purpose of travel.


  • These apartments give the same novelty as a hotel with room service, full-equipped kitchens, Wi-Fi, in apartment dryers and washers, living, sleeping and working area with access to restaurants and gyms too
  • They are more spacious, comfortable and provide privacy than hotels.
  • You can cook your own meal whenever you want, served with all the needed things.
  • Serviced apartments are commonly located at the heart of the city. So, it would be a short commute to your intended place.
  • It is the ideal solution for a cost-effective long stay as with washing machine is provided so one does not need to spend on expensive laundry charges. Also, food can be ordered from nearby take away joints, if you do now want to cook, hence saving on exorbitant room service charges.
  • It gives the comfort of staying in your usual routines even when you are away from home.

With all that brings benefits, there are some setbacks always attached to it.

The main challenge regarding the serviced apartment is to find the befitting apartment for your requirements and financial limits in that particular location. It demands a lot of searches. Another thing is relevance and updation of availability. Even though you can find the details about the apartment, the availability of specific facilities like room service, laundry and food cannot be known accurately.

These challenges can be solved with the help of travel and accommodation experts. They have the granular knowledge about the availability of certain facilities and they can easily filter out the service apartment which would meet your requirements and budget.

Hotel n Apartment is one such connoisseur in the Travel and Accommodation industry. With our dint of network intelligence, we can list you the premium to moderate levels of serviced apartments which would be at its best in its own level. We can list you the luxurious service apartments at reasonable rates. If service apartments are cheap, Hotel n Apartment suggested serviced apartments are relatively cheaper without compromising the on quality of stay.

With 2800+ accommodation inventory across 90+ countries like USA, UAE, Australia, India, etc, get a curated list of serviced apartment in various cities of the country. Hotel n Apartment has made happy corporate customers by making their stays sophisticated in all possible ways. Let us have the pleasure of doing it for you too. Contact us for your next Corporate long stay!

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