Analytics & Reporting

Our Reporting and Analysis Services help you make your travel policies and processes more effective by giving you the in-depth reports and spend analysis you need to help managers make better decisions. Real-time reporting tools allow your company to enforce travel rates, eliminate renegade spending & forecast annual spend.

Why partner with us?

Program Reporting and Analysis

Effective and ongoing assessment of your spend, existing travel patterns, culture and travel behaviour are basic requirement for effective travel management. By the 7th day of each month, we will provide analysis of Company’s business travel data for the previous month, compile Expense, MIS and Savings reports.

Benchmarking and business planning

We provide access to deep dive dashboards and benchmark reports provide travel managers comprehensive real-time view of expenses, performance and areas for improvement.

Data Driven Consulting

Our recommendations are based on experienced data analytics where we consolidate data at corporate segment level and thus provide travel managers with best and easy to go options.

Centralized View of Spending Data

Access to customised dashboards and Month to date and Year to date reports on request at standalone level or at group level is available on a click.

Enhanced Decision Support

We provide fully customizable reporting component which includes pre-trip data, a full suite of reports to identify travel trends, workflow patterns to provide enhanced decision support tools.

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