Global Lodging
Keeping travelers focused on business with
  • Professional travel counsellors
  • 24X7 Support & Service
  • Streamlined processes
  • Reduced resource costs
  • More cost visibility
  • Global supplier connections
  • Guaranteed Savings
  • Improved company satisfaction
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Services Apartments
Spacious Accommodation for Extended Stay with
  • Home-away-from-Home feeling
  • Privacy & Freedom
  • Space & Comfort
  • Flexibility
  • Reduced Cost & Savings
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Corporate Leasing
Pain-free Project Stay with
  • Easy move in, easy move out
  • Flexible accommodation options
  • Bundled Package
  • Consolidated billing
  • Special attention to specific needs
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Corporate Events
Helping you deliver inspiring events
  • Events & Venue sourcing
  • Group travel Solutions
  • Strategic meetings management
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Corporate Holidays
Relax n Rejuvenate with
  • Trending Destinations
  • Best Value Holiday Packages
  • Discounted Group Holiday Deals
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Corporate Leasing
Detailed & Transparent Reporting with
  • Program Reporting and Analysis
  • Benchmarking and Business Planning
  • Data Driven Consulting
  • Centralized View of Spending Data
  • Enhanced Decision Support
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About Us

Hotel n Apartment is an innovative and cost effective travel management service provider to the corporate market. At HnA, when it comes to business travel, we believe the "perfect trip" exists ! It is not about a trip free from interruptions or unexpected changes, which are inevitable in today's world. Rather, a perfect trip is one in which our resources enables our company to quickly and proactively manage disruptions so travelers can stay focused on accomplishing their business. Even more perfect is contributing to our clients' traveler's success by putting everything they need at their fingertips and providing recommendations to help them navigate unfamiliar locations. For meetings and events, it means delivering the perfect event so attendees have an enhanced experience and your company sees better return on investment.
We are a dedicated team having decades of experiences in Corporate Accommodation and Corporate travel stream. We are currently associated with over 100 Corporates Globally. Our proven business strategy combines excellence in client services, advanced technologies and global buying power to guarantee client-driven solutions and guaranteed savings for your business travel needs. We strive to give clients the fastest enquiry turnaround times in the industry.

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